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Current Information on the Mediaeval Dungeons.

Mediaeval Dungeons

Looking into the vaulted passage in the mediaeval dungeons.

General Information on the Mediaeval Dungeons

Just a few steps away from the main market square, vaulted cellars below the splendid city hall built in Nuremberg's golden age accommodate the mediaeval dungeons.

They were established as early as the 14th century and were not prisons as we know them today, but were used mainly for prisoners awaiting trial and for convicted criminals awaiting execution of their judgement.

View of a torture chamber.

Twelve small cells and one larger one, a torture chamber called "Chapel" because of its dimensions, paint a depressing picture of the gruesome practices of justice in former times.

The dungeons may only be visited on a guided tour in German (about 20 minutes).

We advise against visits to the dungeon by children under 10 years of age.

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